Homes in construction at Brisas!

Things are picking up at Brisas and as of October 2020 we now have two homes in construction. Jessica Stanley is building an amazing 2 story/2bd/2ba on lot 20. She is using Aaron Mojica with great teak and cement work topped off with an A-Frame palm frond roof, elegance in the jungle. Don Luis Landry just finished his guest house on lot 21 with Adonis Espinal using some amazing almond & teak wood, mosaic tile and elegant stone work in the patio. Kimberly helped complete the house with some quality cedar furniture from Don Bosco in Masaya. We are finishing up some amazing Victor Rojas designs for the Surfing Nahua office & Barrels eco-Market on lot 3, the Gebert home on Lot 24, the Bradberry home on lot 17 and the Singh house on lot 22. Very exciting times for the Brisas del Alma Community!

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